Coronavirus: Politician apologises for wearing face mask that looks like Confederate flag

A state senator has apologised for wearing a face mask that resembled the Confederate flag during a vote at Michigan’s state capitol.

Republican Dale Zorn had previously denied that pattern on his mask on Friday was the flag – despite telling local media it would ‘raise some eyebrows’.

But on Saturday he accepted that he made an “error in judgement” but said: “Even if it was a Confederate flag … we should be talking about teaching our national history in schools”.

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He tweeted: “I’m sorry for my choice of pattern on the face mask I wore yesterday on the Senate floor.

“I did not intend to offend anyone; however, I realise that I did, and for that I am sorry.

“Those who know me best know that I do not support the things this pattern represents.

“My actions were an error in judgment for which there are no excuses and I will learn from this episode.”

“It was not a Confederate flag. I think even if it was a Confederate flag, you know, we should be talking about teaching our national history in schools. And that’s part of our national history, and it’s something we can’t just throw away because it is part of our history.

“And if we want to make sure that the atrocities that happened during that time doesn’t happen again, we should be teaching it. Our kids should know what that flag stands for.”

A reporter asked him what the flag stands for. He replied: “The confederacy.”